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Cool little platformer !! Have a slight tendency to slip off platforms but that could just be me forgetting to stop pushing forward, visuals and sound were spot on tho !! :>

The art is amzing! Unfortunately my setup is potato so I experienced massive frame drops. Otherwise really it's a really fun patformer :)

Super fun game! Very impressive!

The art is amazing. Gave me Commander Keen vibes,
Loved the lighting effects and the subtle details like the sparkle trail before the lasers fired.

Level design is works well. Had a lot of fun platforming and finding my way through the levels.

Hate to say it but that sound effect for crushing a rat is WAY too satisfying.

Great work!!

Nice sound - great lighting design and rope swinging effect. For me the controls were a challenge as the character would continue moving after I stopped inputting direction keys on my landing and I kept landing in the spikes.  The fast respawn  helped but I didn't get as far into the game as I would have otherwise because I suck at the controls.


I like the fast Super Meatboy-esque respawning.  It makes games much more fun, especially in a gamejam where people are sampling everything so quickly.

This games art is really good!

Love the art! It's quite difficult sometimes but I enjoyed the challenge.

The art is super nice and the controls are smooth. Really enjoyed playing the game. Nice job guys !!!

Super fun little game with an absolutely gorgeous art style. Platforming feels responsive yet not too easy.  Gives me a lot of nostalgia for old browser games. Puzzles are set up well and the player is taught mechanics seamlessly. Loved it the whole time!